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A fit and flexible curriculum

which invites your children into

rich learning.

How wonderful would it be if children can enjoy

learning various foreign languages at the same time?

What if they could learn easily without going to a foreign

country or learning from a native speaker?

What if this foreign language education is meticulously

based on the development and interest of the child?

The outstanding curriculum of NC CONGCONG will make

all of these come true from anywhere you are.


Learning multiple languages

through diverse activities.


multi-languages through

diverse and fun activities.

Children acquire languages naturally through various

stimulating activities. NC CONGCONG provides an

environment that exposes children to various stimuli and

content that incorporate many words and expressions

into stories, songs, videos, arts & crafts and games.

With all these features incorporated into NC CONGCONG’s

curriculum, this is our way of educating children to

acquire foreign languages.

She must have learned how to count in

Chinese, when she started counting

“Yī-gè, liǎng-gè, san-gè, sì- gè, wŭ- gè,”

her pronunciation was quite good.

When I complimented her, she seemed very

pleased with herself.

When she says the things she learned or sing songs

in foreign language, it is great to see that she is

confident speaking foreign languages.


Guided teaching module

enables teaching

multiple languages.

GTM(Guided Teaching Module),

an educational tool where non-native

speakers can teach multiple


Can only native speakers teach the language?

NC CONGCONG’s curriculum offers detailed lesson plans and guides

which include pronunciation guides for its application to non-native

teachers who do not know the language so that they can prepare to

teach the class. The systematic curriculum allows teachers to prepare

and learn given words and expressions by themselves.

Since I did not major in foreign language,

I was worried about teaching English and

Chinese classes.

However, it was not difficult at all

because I prepared for the class with

NC CONGCONG Management System.


Children who think

clearly and

responsibly about

themselves and

the world.

Children will come to know about

themselves, build relationships with

neighbors, think about objects and

feel the world.

What is the best education method for my child now?

Education is maximized when provided according to the child’s

developmental level and interests.

NC CONGCONG’s curriculum is based on the children’s cognitive

development stage and starts with topics related to themselves

and their surroundings, such as “me / family / neighbors” and

expands in stages to broader themes such as “things”, “nature /

environment” and “culture”.

In addition, younger children learn specific but

basic vocabulary.

As the children grow older, their learning expands

to hypernym – hyponym vocabulary, which are

highly abstract and derived from basic vocabulary.

All of these courses are meticulously structured

according to the cognitive development stages

appropriate for children’s interests and age and

provide optimal education for each level.



iteration, achieving

complete mastery.

Children's language becomes more

solid through well-organized and

repeated learning.

Children will learn more advanced vocabulary as

the level of learning gets higher.

Children might forget what they have learned when they

were young. NC CONGCONG’s curriculum, which

was developed based on the latest early childhood

and language education theories, is structured to

constantly expose and repeat the content they

have learned at all stages, and to acquire new

vocabulary on a solid basis.


Original content

made with

leading experts

in the field.

NC CONGCONG's original stories,

songs and videos -

working together with the best

reliable experts.

To ensure the curriculum is carried out effectively,

NC CONGCONG offers original content developed with the best

experts in early childhood and language education.

We provide 24 sets of English and Chinese stories and songs

for each age group of age 2 to 5. Content is updated regularly.

This content, tailored to NC CONGCONG’s curriculum,

effectively meet NC CONGCONG’s educational goals.

About 300 stories, songs, and videos

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