NC CongCong 스킵네비게이션



An education management

system which dramatically

improves learning.

By combining the latest IT technology,

the NC CONGCONG education management system

will significantly change your teaching experience.


Excellent teachers

who are

comfortable and


NC CONGCONG enables teachers

to be comfortable and efficient

while working.

The children are happy when the teacher is happy.

NC CONGCONG offers an one-click process from

class preparation to evaluation, enhancing the

quality of education, which enhances the teacher’s

sense of accomplishment.

Class Preparation
The GTM (Guided Teaching Module) prepares and delivers optimized learning content which reduces class preparation time.
Class Progress
During class, the GTM (Guided Teaching Module) is used to enhance the application of learning content and improve students’ concentration during the class.
Class Management
Able to evaluate and manage the class efficiently.


GTM (Guided Teaching Module)

delivers interactive lessons.


teachers a classroom

experience that they have never

experienced before.

GTM (Guided Teaching Module) is one of the modules that constitute

NC CONGCONG’s Education Management System (EMS) that helps

the teacher to prepare and proceed with systematic learning.

This module offers a variety of teaching methods (physical activity,

listening / speaking, singing, arts and craft, numbers and shapes)

and detailed teaching guides so that the teachers may teach the

children happily and with less pressure.


Building a virtuous

circle of continuous


An education management system

of virtuous circle maintains the

quality of education.

EMS (Education Management

System) forms a virtuous circle that

continuously improves the quality of


NC CONGCONG’s education management system forms a

virtuous circle of development, application, evaluation and

feedback, which brings out a wash back effect through

reflective analysis at all stages of education.

This makes it easy for us to constantly develop our curriculum.

  • Save, manage and analyze statistical data of educational content and activity evaluation.
  • Ensure continuity of education by systematically managing the entire curriculum. Able to give high quality teacher training and manage curriculum elements.
  • Annually update the latest content on the NCSOFT cloud server.