NC CongCong 스킵네비게이션



Maintaining quality control

is our core value.

NC CONGCONG is constantly working to provide the best service. From the best experts and facilities to the technology of NCSOFT.

NC CONGCONG’s desire to improve the quality of education is driven by the passion and effort beyond imagination.


High quality education

guided by top experts.

Best education, supported by

the best experts.

What is the foundation of NC CONGCONG’s excellence? The foundation of our excellence is our professional team.

An advisory committee consisting of high-level NC CONGCONG researchers and dozens of experts from various fields, including experts in the fields of early childhood education, language education, educational content and IT technology development, participate in the field and cooperate thorough observation, analysis and in-depth discussion to reach a higher level of education.

We will continue to update our curriculum without stopping. Such efforts will contribute greatly to building big data.

We are confident that the completed NC CONGCONG Curriculum will be dynamic and organic in its own way, and will help to make effective teaching and learning activities possible.

Sang Ki Lee (Korea National University of Education, Professor of English Education)


NCSOFT’s technology and NC CONGCONG work together to achieve success.

NC CONGCONG is different since it is created


How did the stories, songs and videos provided to the children developed?

Did you know that all of these are being developed by NCSOFT’s technology? NCSOFT’s advanced technology and corporate philosophy of “To make people in this world happier” help implement everything NC CONGCONG imagines. From the most advanced IT technology to a high-end sound room. We do not hesitate to provide technical support for providing state-of-the-art education and building a better educational environment.


Real-time feedback applied immediately for improvement.

We observe, analyze and improve the

dynamic educational field at Laughing

Peanut - on-site nursery school.

Laughing Peanut is NCSOFT’s on-site nursery school with state-of-the-art facilities and teachers managed directly by NCSOFT. Through close cooperation with Laughing Peanut, we apply and manage the latest educational methods and contents developed by NC CONGCONG and receive feedback on-site in real time. Rapid on-site analysis / evaluation / improvement system allows NC CONGCONG to make faster and more effective innovation than anyone else.