NC CongCong 스킵네비게이션

Sound brain development

in a natural learning milieu


Growing together while playing and learning in multiple languages.

Physical activity, listening and speaking, singing, numbers and shapes, arts and crafts. Multiple languages naturally acquired through various activities. NC CONGCONG is an innovative educational program that helps children acquire multiple languages through games and activities appropriate for the development of children in different stages.


Non-native teachers can teach

like a native speaker.

Though not fluent in a foreign language, teachers enjoy teaching and children are excited to learn. NC CONGCONG’s curriculum and GTM (Guided Teaching Module) turn your classroom dreams into a reality.
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Management system empowered by

the best information technology.

From GTM(Guided Teaching Module) to big data. How is this IT technology able to transform the educational landscape? NC CONGCONG, with the support of the state-of-the-art technology of NCSOFT, effectively incorporates the latest IT technology into the education field. NC CONGCONG fulfills your hopes and dreams in the educational field providing comfort and joy.
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We improve constantly.

Experts continuously observe, study and develop in the educational field. The NC CONGCONG advisory committee consists of excellent researchers and leading experts who analyze and develop the educational landscape of NC CONGCONG. You can experience advisory committee’s hard work in the upgrades of NC CONGCONG.
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With ISO certification,

the excellence of NC CONGCONG is

recognized internationally.

NC CONGCONG proved its excellence by acquiring ISO 29991, a standardization certification for language learning services outside formal education, and Laughing Peanut, NCSOFT on-site company nursery school, acquired ISO 29990, a standardization certification for learning services for non-formal education. By becoming the first educational institution in the world to achieve both ISO 29990 and 29991 certification, we have proven our excellence in education.